Welcome to TAOTS!

2nd grade classroomWelcome to TAOTS!  Follow this website for News & Announcements about schedule changes, trips, open houses, events, and other goings-on at our school!

Teacher – Class Assignments for 2013-2014

IMG_3232IK-333 Emily Lawrence
K-122 Kathleen Fanning / Alexis Kastrinos
K-126 Lauren Francomano / Gelena Sadrian
K-139 Bianca Rios
1-208 Melissa Barsamian / Christina Ramsay
1-215 Felicia Falch/ Ioanna Nakos
1-217 Anna Chen
2-210 Eva Leung
2-212 Stacy Butsikares / Amanda Franquinha
2-219 Tsambika (Mika) Kerkenides /Kim Grazi
3-218 Felicia Kreisman
3-233 Katie Volpe
3-231 Mary Rathan / Michelle Dragisics
4-224 Darcy Kaplan
4-222 Farah Feygis
4-235 Tina Calicchio
5-226 Nicole Catalano
5-237 Sarah Nadler
5-239 Neil Rathan

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