5th Grade Trips on Instagram!

alley pondTAOTS teachers are teaching 5th grade students to report on their exciting trips and end-of-year activities using a shared, school Instagram account*.

Stay tuned to this website (see the right column), this page, or our Instagram page (http://instagram.com/talented_scholars) to follow their on location real-time documentation of their travels and final months at TAOTS!


*As always, our students’ privacy and safety are important to us.  We are using these tools in accordance with NYCDOE social media and student privacy.  The photos and videos the students capture will be public, but we will never post any personal information about the students, including their last names.  We will not friend students or families, and will remain a “one-way” publisher on Instagram.  Teaching students to use social media responsibly to realize their voice as media makers is part of our technology and “media literacy” program at TAOTS.

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