September:  Structure, Routine, Class Rules, Intro to fitness, Team Builder, Fitness and Cooperative Games.( Parachute, bean bag activities, relay races, balloon relay.)

October:  Ball handling skills, throwing, catching, underhand toss, bouncing. Hopscotch, boxball,   Cooperative games- Ship, sea, shore.  Sharks and boats.  Straddle ball, castle ball, steal the bacon.

November:  Lead games for soccer, soccer skills, soccer games and kickball games.  Cooperative games include circle jump rope, line soccer, circle races.

*Alternate Assessment: Physical Best/ Fitness Gram Testing, Adaptive Physical Education checklist.

December:   Volleyball skills and games.  Lead up games for volleyball(circle games).  Balloon games, balloon relays, beach ball, volleyball trainers.

January:  Floor hockey skills and relays.  Scooter practice and relays.

*Midterm fitness-gram assessment.

February-March:  Basketball skills, lead up games for basketball.  Basketball relays, line basketball.

April:  Obstacle course activities.  Scooters incorporated into obstacle course.

May-June: Track and field, Racket sports.

**Yoga and fitness will be incorporated into every class**

*The schedule of the units might change in order to cooperate with other schools in the building.

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