Art Newsletter #1

 Art Newsletter #1
Ms. Costanzo

All Grades

To store their artwork throughout the school year the students created a portfolio. They used various mediums such as: watercolors, ink, colored pencils and crayons to design a unique storage folder for all of their future beautiful creations.

K / 1 / 2

Inspired by the story “The Dot” by Peter H. Reynolds and International “Dot Day” on September 15th, the students listened to the story and then rendered their own version of a “Dot”. Kindergarten and First grade used the wax resist technique with watercolors and crayons. Second grade created their own dots by using coffee filters, markers and water to give a tie-dye effect while experimenting with mixing colors. The students’ work is collaboratively displayed on the art bulletin board outside room 326. In addition, the students’ work, from all three grades, is collaboratively displayed on the art bulletin board outside room 326.

3 / 4 / 5

Students explored the elements of art by using line, shape, form and color to create their own unique “Zentangles”. They became familiar with the process of “Zentangling” and created interesting patterns and designs while listening to Zen music. These relaxing and calming designs gave the students an opportunity to have a tranquil start for a new school year!

Art History Grades 3 & 5

The students learned about the “7 Elements of Art” line, color, shape, texture, space, form, and value. All the students received their own sketchbook so they can document the knowledge of Art History to be acquired throughout the school year; some of which may be their written interpretations and analysis of specific artworks or renderings of thumbnail sketches of an artifact or artwork.

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