Speech and Language Tool: Story Grammar Marker

BraidyOur tool of the month is the Story Grammar Marker, which we use to help students work on both receptive and expressive language. Story Grammar Marker (which some of the students also know as “Braidy”) is a tactile and visual cue for students that helps improve skills such as story comprehension and narration. Each part of Braidy stands for a different element of a story. The elements of the story are:

Characters: Who is in the story
Setting: Where the story takes place
Kick-off: The problem that set the story in motion
Feelings: How the character felt about the problem
Plan: How the character decided to solve the problem
Attempts: The steps the characters took to solve the problem
Direct Consequence: How the story ended
Resolution: What the characters learned at the end of the story

Story Grammar Marker can be modified for simpler or more complex stories. When students retell a story, they use Braidy to remind them which elements of the story to include and to tell the story in a logical order.

Story Grammar Marker directly supports the Common Core Learning Standards for Speaking & Listening and Reading by deepening students’ understanding of the organization of texts.