Music Newsletter # 2

P1000563I would like to share with you some special music programs that are being implemented in our music lessons.

Music and the Brain

Music and the Brain is a  piano curriculum aimed at K–2 students. Students learn pattern recognition, and it helps with math skills and literacy. Music helps students to focus, to concentrate, to attend to a task, and to memorize things. Our music room has 12 keyboards. The extensive curriculum includes a repertoire of 156 songs, including examples of classical, folk, children’s music , and world music. Presented sequentially, the songs teach ear training (for rhythm and pitch), movements, analysis, geography, history, storytelling, games, singing, dancing, piano playing, improvisation and performance. Music and the Brain stimulates kids to think, act on that thinking, and become inspired to produce their own sounds. With Music and the Brain, students find where notes are repeated, discuss and describe the music and how it felt to them, and create stones to go with the music.


The Academy is  a program of Carnegie Hall, The Julliard School, and the Weill Music Institute in partnership with the New York City Department of Education. Ensemble ACJW identified an Ensemble ACJW Fellow for a Partner school (our school) and I as a certified music specialist will be their Partner Teacher. I will  plan and co-teach with an  ACJW Fellow for our third through fifth grade students. An ACJW Fellow brings his/her artistry into the classroom focused  on student – centered, musical skill – building through interactive performance units and creative approaches to skill – based work.

ACJW also  provides Concert Tickets at Carnegie Hall and the Juilliard School. ACJW purchases tickets to performances at Carnegie Hall for the communities of each of its partner schools. Students are especially encouraged to attend performances given by Ensemble ACJW, both at Carnegie Hall, Julliard, and other venues around New York City. Each family can request three tickets.

You can find a list of performances (see attached) with   Group Holds at Carnegie Hall. These performances must be requested at least Two Weeks Prior to concert date. The request will go to your child’s teacher who will forward it to me. (see attached ticket request).

Please note:

  • We cannot guarantee that your ticket requests will be fulfilled
  • Due to limited availability, we may only be able to accommodate a portion of your request
  • Request are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis.

Music Memory

Music Memory is a curriculum offered to our grade 3 through 5 students that provides an in – depth study of 16 classical music selections.

  • Third -Fourth Grade (5 students)
  • Fifth Grade (5 students)

Cheered-on by parents and classmates, selected students are given the opportunity to show off their amazing listening and recognition skills, identifying the pieces and the composers of the 16 works they have studied throughout the year from musical fragments as brief as a single chord played onstage by Riverside Symphony at the Citywide Music Memory Finals in the spring. Their innate love of music, kindled in them throughout the school year on this unique musical voyage, is fired by the excitement of the competition.


Mrs. Shoykhet, Music Teacher