January Tribes

This month of January, Tribes will be focusing on two important goals.  For grades K-2 the students are learning to be “Safe with our Body & Heart.”  We are learning to identify our feelings and to understand that it is ok to feel angry at times. We can express our anger productively by calming down first and then using an I-Message.  An I-Message tells the other person how we feel and why without blaming them.  An example is, “I feel upset when someone takes my things without asking.”  Some other strategies to use when we are angry:  Count to 10 silently; Take a few deep breathes; Walk away from the person or situation; Use an I-Message; Tell a grown-up how I feel and Draw a picture of how I feel.  

In grades 3-5, students will be forming their permanent Tribes for the school year. This will be the group of individuals that they will work together on activities and projects during therest of the year. They will get to know each other closely and will learn how to work together, solve problems together, and express their ideas and creativity with each other.