Science Lab April Newsletter

Dear Families,

Our annual Science Fair will be held on Friday June 5! All students will be conducting experiments in their classrooms with their classroom teachers. Students in the 4th and 5th grades are also doing some additional projects, independently, for submission into the fair. Come and see the exhibition at our Science Fair evening event on Friday, June 5th. (More information to follow!)


Mrs. Garcia

Kindergarten– Our Kindergarten students began a new unit on Animals! We are learning about the requirements for survival of all animals and are researching, classifying and writing about various kinds of animals. We closely explored earthworms from our very own class compost bin, for their important adaptive structures and their functions and their behaviors. We are going to be continuing to study different animals, including insects and some animals that have shells, such as snails, and hermit crabs.

First Grade-First grade meteorologists are studying Air, Weather and the Seasons for our last Science Unit of the year. We are first learning how to describe the weather and record the weather condition on our class Calendars. We are learning about how weather is forecasted and reported. We will also be learning how to measure and describe wind (it’s scale, speed and direction) as we begin to discuss, build, and use weather instruments like wind vanes, anemometers, and thermometers. Then we will begin investigating clouds!

Second Grade-The second graders are exploring their new unit on motion and the causes of different kinds of motion. We began with some investigations of balance and how counterweights can help to balance objects in more stable positions. We then studied rotational motion by building and using tops, which helped us to discover how weight distribution affects balance and motion! We will continue to explore force, and will have fun experimenting with different kinds of toys, wheels, balls, and ramps to help us to describe the different ways objects can move.

Third Grade- The Third graders began a new unit on Plant and Animal Adaptations this month, by first be examining the structures and functions of seeds. We examined plants’ various methods of seed dispersal, and the unique ways seeds are adapted for this. We are examining the parts of the seed by dissecting them to learn how seeds are adaptations, for plants reproduction and survival. We will explore the life cycle of plants as adaptation for their reproduction, and survival, by sprouting seeds and then growing them to their mature adult stage, hydroponically, for an interesting way to revisit and review the germination process!

Fourth Grade-The Fourth graders are really busy, reviewing, and preparing for the NYS Science Exam! We are reviewing how to use various science tools to measure matter accurately, such as the balance scale, thermometer and graduated cylinder/beakers, as we prepare for the performance task portion of the Exam. We are doing practice questions and reviewing unit vocabulary too. Many students are also coming up with ideas and planning individual projects for our Science Fair! Way to go 4th Graders!!!! The 4th Grade NYS Science Exams are being administered as follows: The Written Test, on Monday, June 1st, and the Performance Test during the period between Wednesday May 20th and Friday, May 29th.

Fifth Grade– In our unit on Health and Nutrition, the fifth graders are currently conducting an investigation on Fat to determine the relative amounts of fat in various foods we tested. We are reading about and discussing the different kinds of fats and how some sources of fat are healthier for us than others. We are examining “fast food” restaurant data for information on fat, calories and sodium content, to see why these meals are not healthy for our bodies. We will then do some meal planning activities where we will create balanced and healthy lunch menus that satisfy daily nutrition and caloric requirements. Many 5th grade students are coming up with ideas and planning individual projects for our Science Fair! Good job 5th Graders!!!!