Welcome Back to Media Literacy!

Greetings Parents/Guardians! My name is Ms. Marsh and I am your child’s new Media Literacy Teacher! I have had the pleasure of teaching for 19 years, 9 as a classroom teacher and the past 10 as a technology instructor, and school-wide enrichment coordinator. I plan to incorporate these experiences into my lessons- creating a well-rounded, academic and insightful year for the students.

My philosophy for learning is that each child is unique in their abilities. One of my goals as a teacher is to help the children discover their individuality and to work alongside them to maximize it. I believe in independent learning, and teaching creatively and efficiently.

For grades K-1, the focus is to help the students build their finger/hand dexterity in order to use a touch screen, recognize parts of an ipad and utilize internet applications that will reinforce curriculum topics the students are doing in their regular classes. Grade 2 will also be using ipads to reinforce technology skills and enhance curriculum topics but will eventually use Mac Books to learn keyboarding skills.Grades 3-5 will be using the Mac books to research curriculum topics and create a variety of digital presentations.

** As for supplies, I ask that you send in one container of disinfecting wipes so that I may sanitize headsets and keyboards. For grades 3-5, students will need a writing pad for note-taking an erasable pen and a pocket folder.Student’s bringing their own headsets are optional. They should be clearly labeled and placed in a gallon sized zip-lock bag also labeled with your child’s full name, teacher and class. I cannot keep track of unlabeled items. (Can be purchased at a dollar store)

I look forward to a wonderful time of exploration and discovery in technology with your child(ren).

Respectfully, Ms. Marsh