November-December News

Media Literacy Focus By Grade:


imgres-5kindergarten students  will create “How To” presentations to demonstrate their knowledge of  various  topic.s utilizing the ipad app “Making Sequences.” The students will continue to reinforce  curriculum topics  they are  learning in their classroom through Ipad Applications: such as Teach Me (K-1),  Sight Word Ninja, and Little Writer.

Grade 1

Students in Grade 1 will use the ipad   app“Show Me” to make presentations  about  animals as they write like scientists. Students imgres-4will continue to  enhance curriculum  topics in ELA and Math they are learning in class  utilizing the apps Teach Me (1-2), Sight Word Ninja, Math Ninja, Miku’s Picnic, Learn with Homer, MeeGenius, Counting and Skip Counting, 1st Grade Splash Math.

Grade 2

Grade 2 will  create  their own digital stories using the app “Story Patch. ”  screen480x480They will also continue to use  apps to  develop curriculum topics such as Writing sentences, Addition, Subtraction,  and  vocabulary development. The appliclations used include  Teach Me App (Grade 2-3), Counting and Skip Counting, 2nd Grade Splash Math, Vocabulary and Grammar!, Brain Pop Jr.


Grade 3

Students learn  basic features of  Microsoft Word to create digital presentations with the ability to copy and paste, inserimgres-3t and export graphics, explore text features, create background changes and save and upload  a document. Students will also begin  developing   their research  skills in  internet searching, and note-taking as they explore communities around the world.

Grade 4

imgres-2Students  will  research the impact of Native Americans on the state of New York in accordance with the NYS Common Core standards.   The students will  apply skills in  note-taking, paraphrasing, copy and pasting  pictures,  and other features in Microsoft Word.  Students will  combine all of their research in  an imovie documentary.

Grade  5

Students will explore the basics of computer science. They will  analyze urlthe components of a computer system-  Exploring  the functions of a mother- board, modem, memory cards, PCI slots and more! As students prepare for middle school interviews, this knowledge will most certainly come in handy.