Art With Ms. Costanzo

An update on what’s happening in art in grades K-5 this December!

Kindergarten & First: Illustrations

The students read the story “The Mitten” by illustrator and author Jan
Brett. Just in time for the cold winter, they designed their own mittens by adding various patterns with crayons and tempera cakes.

Second Grade: Dinosaur Sketches

The students read the story “If Dinosaurs Came Back” by the
illustrator and author Bernard Most. They used observational drawing
techniques to sketch their own dinosaur by looking at a variety of
dinosaur figurines. Then the students came up with different places
the dinosaurs could travel to and illustrated them using crayons and a sharpie

Third Grade: Pop Art Gumball Machines

The students have been continuing to work on their Wayne Thiebaud inspired gumball machines. They have sketched out their own designs and are now adding color using water soluble markers and water to create a
watercolor effect.

Fourth Grade: Pacific Northwest Native American Masks

The students are finishing up their Pacific Northwest inspired Native
American Masks. They have chosen an animal that represents their
personalities. They also incorporated various colors which are symbolic in this culture. They used oil pastels to transfer their designs as a way to
create symmetry. To finish their designs, they are now adding tempera paint .

Fifth Grade: Dancing Haring

The students have been experimenting with observational drawing for a
couple of weeks. They have studied many artists such as; Leonardo Da
Vinci, Edgar Degas and Keith Haring. They have also practiced
sketching the human figure by using wooden mannequins. They have
recently created gesture drawings while having their peers pose for
observational drawing. The 5th graders will now continue to create a
completed  sketch of their Haring inspired figures for the final
illustrations which will appear in the yearbook.

Art History

Third Grade: Egyptian Clay Cartouches

The students are beginning their Egyptian Unit in Social Studies. They
started learning  how to write in Hieroglyphics and will be completing
a final clay cartouche with their name designs carved into the clay.
The final works  will be displayed for the final museum exhibition for
their project based learning unit.

Fifth Grade: Westward Expansion Self Portraits

The students are beginning their Westward Expansion Unit in Social
Studies. They were introduced to various artists from the 1800’s; one in particular was
Albert Bierstadt. He was an artist that traveled along the Oregon
Trail and documented his journey in his sketchbook. The students
will be creating a background for their own self portrait inspired by events from the Westward Expansion.