TAOTS December Scholars & Citizens of the Month!

Dear TAOTS Families,



We are Proud to Announce TAOTS December Scholars & Citizens of the Month: 

IK333 Spencer G. Max F.
K139 Sofia T. Lily P.
K122 Bennett T. Victoria O.
K126 Sophie P. Ethan Z.
1-208 Victoria L. Harrison G.
1-215 Alice R. Alberto G.
1-217 Ivana A. Maxim N.
2-210 Paul E. Arabella N.
2-212 Axel K. Sophia K.
2-219 Kate O. David C.
3-218 Danny A. Adam R.
3-222 Madelyn C. Anthony M.
3-231 Dana A. Malik A.
4-224 Gabriella F. Jason C.
4-233 Jack S. Mia S.
4-226 Edona Z. Michael M.
5-235 Elizabeth C. Michael F.
5-237 Aidan L. Gianna M.
5-239 Dimitry C. Anna V.


We are Very Proud of All of You!  Keep up the Great Work!1233832860_congratulations0pi2_answer_1_xlarge