4th Graders share their thinking on Internet Research

Two 4th Graders share their understanding of the relationship between online resources and traditional texts. This exercise of creating digital artifacts of what’s happening at key moments within units of study is something we’d like to build into the process in all classrooms at TAOTS.

Here’s the Students’ Video

 4th Graders share their thinking on Internet Research from TAOTS on Vimeo.

Here’s Behind the Scenes of the Process

TAOTS student portfolio reflections from TAOTS on Vimeo.

This process has the potential to reinforce students’ learning through examining and explaining their own thinking. The resulting media (videos, photos, screenshots, or blog posts) can help students review content and processes, archive learning happening within units of study, and allow teachers gain insights on how students are making connections.

Look for more as we spread this process through the different grade levels!

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