TAOTS January Scholars & Citizens of the Month!

Dear TAOTS Families,

We are Proud to Announce our TAOTS January Scholars & Citizens of the Month: 


IK333 Noah S. Leila C.
K139 Matthew M. Feebe P.
K122 Emmanuel R. Leanna F.
K126 Zineb B. Elijah F.
1-208 Eric K. Shatha H.
1-215 Olivia Y. Andrew F.
1-217 Dylan S. Lyaysan A.
2-210 Ryan T. Michelle P.
2-212 Brianna U. Isabella F.
2-219 Sam S. Ian S.
3-218 Maria V. Daniel F.
3-222 Jessica S. Emily K.
3-231 Mihail K. Allie H.
4-224 Alyssa S. Francesco S.
4-233 Gabriella E. Dyana T.
4-226 Sahar H. Janice B.
5-235 Alisa A. Freddy F.
5-237 Betty O. Ryan M.
5-239 Joyce T Andrew H.

We are Proud of All of You!  Keep up the Great Work!1233832860_congratulations0pi2_answer_1_xlarge