February Media Literacy News

Grade by Grade:

kindergarteninformation_technology_picture_0_0 students  will create “How To” presentations to demonstrate their knowledge of  various  topics utilizing the ipad app “Show -Me.” The students will  identify a task that they know how to do well and create their digital presentations  complete with digital illustrations,  and narrations.

Students in Grade 1 will continue to produce their animal research  in the  “Show Me” app.  As they write like scientists, students are learning to edit and narrow down the research they gathered from their virtual field trip to the San Diego Zoo, while also developing their narration and overall presentation skills.

Grade 2 will  complete their digital stories using the app “Story Patch. ”  After that, the students will transition to laptops where they will be introduced to keyboarding skills. In our “Keyboarding Bootcamp” students will not only improve eye-hand coordination, but they will learn the proper finger placement to develop their typing skills.

Grade 3 -After learning  the  basic features of  Microsoft Word with the ability to copy and paste, insert and export graphics, manipulate text features, create background changes and save and upload  a document.  Students will apply their research of a selected community around the world in a digital journal.

Grade 4 Students  will begin their   research on  the American  Revolution. The students will  apply skills in  note-taking,  paraphrasing, copy and pasting   pictures,  animations, Word Art and other features in a Micorosoft Powerpoint presentation. (Pending classroom collaboration)

Grade 5 -Students  will transpose their Westward Expansion research into I-Movie presentations complete with pictures, illustrations, videos, transitions, narrations and a movie score.

**Please note that some lessons may extend into the following month due to holidays, trips and or schedule changes.