4/3/16 Weekly Announcements & Reminders from your PC…

Dear TAOTS Families,

We hope that you are enjoyed your weekend.


We had a very nice week here at TAOTS.

The 2nd Grade NYC Museum was absolutely beautiful! A Huge Thank You to Ms. Costanzo, the 2nd Grade Teachers, and the Amazing Students!   Be sure to check out pictures on our website.

Here are your Weekly Announcements & Reminders for the Week of 4/3/16 from your PC…:

  1. Monday, April 4, 2016- Happy Monday!
  1. Tuesday, April 5, 2016- Happy Parent Communication Tuesday!
  • Please be sure to make an appointment with your child’s teachers in advance if you would like to speak with them.  Please feel free to reach out to Ms. Appelbaum if you would like to discuss any matters or issues.  Also, please reach out if you would like to register for your NYC Schools Account – NYCSA . Your NYCSA will allow you to view your child’s current or past years’ data using the “Grades” and “Attendance” icons, as well as viewing your child’s NY State Test Scores using the “Assessments” icon.
  • ELA Exams for Grades 3-5.
  • Brooklyn Engineering for Kids for Grades K-2, 2:30pm – 3:30pm.
  1. Wednesday, April 6, 2016- Happy Wednesday!
  • ELA Exams for Grades 3-5.
  • Federation After-School for Grades K-2 & Project Smarts After- School for Grades 3-5, 2:20pm – 4:20pm.
  1. Thursday, April 7, 2016 – Happy Thursday!
  • ELA Exams for Grades 3-5.
  • Project Smarts After – School for Grades K-2 & Federation After- School for Grades 3-5 , 2:20pm – 4:20pm.
  1. Friday, April 8 , 2016 – Happy Friday & Enjoy the Weekend!
  • Please join the PTO for their “ Family Movie Night” at 6pm in the The proceeds will be earmarked for Kindergarten Stepping Up dues.

family movie night

Gentle Reminders:

  • Kindly remember to purchase your tickets to “ The Secret Gala “ through the PTO. It’s going to be great and we look forward to seeing   you there!


  • Please be sure to check the Lost & Found for missing belongings , as we will be cleaning out the Lost & Found soon.   Kindly label all of your child’s belongings.  The Lost & Found will be cleaned out on Friday , April 22nd, 2016.


Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions.