Grade 2: A Walk Through Time in NYC

Grade 2 students’ project based learning unit on the changes of NYC transportation and architecture over time came to life at their museum showcase entitled, “A Walk Through Time.”  It began with an opening ceremony where Ms. Sportella was the honored guest invited to do the ribbon cutting.

Displayed at the museum were student creations made in class of models of transportation and various types of architecture for each time period between the 1700’s to the present.  Timelines and population graphs were also prominent as you followed the path through the city noting the changes over the time periods. In addition to their classroom study, the students worked with Ms. Costanzo (our Statue of Liberty), to create  walls of paintings displaying changes in architecture.  The students also researched facts and attained images with Ms. Marsh to create a padlet wall of architecture and transportation  “Then and Now.”  (Links)

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The students also selected various roles to ensure that the museum ran smoothly. These roles included collections care officers, museum assistants, bookings administrators, information administrators, security, and museum curators who presented all of their projects to their schoolmates, parents and visitors.