Technology Ahead!


Welcome to a brand new school year with wonderful activities in store!

We are extremely excited as our school has been selected to pilot a new computer science program entitled ‘Computer Science for All.‘  CSNYC (Computer Science New York City) is a citywide initiative to ensure all students, in their regular classrooms, are involved in Computer Science Education.  The program will first be introduced to specific classes of those teachers who attended intense summer training, and in the years to come, we plan to spread its implementation school-wide.  To read more about the program initiative you can click on this link:

In addition, our Technology classes will no longer be held in the library- our new location is in room 331. September and October will consist of lessons in the proper use of technological equipment and good Digital Citizenship when participating in web based activities.  Be sure to look for the Technology newsletter being sent home the first two weeks of school.  You can also get curriculum information throughout the year by going to Ms. Marsh’s website at the following address: (There’s no dot between Ms and Marsh and it is typed as one word).  I’m looking forward to our learning together in this 2016-17 school year!