4-233 CS4ALL Graph Paper Programming

Our future programmers of tomorrow, continued their computer science journey by learning that algorithms can be used in many ways to complete tasks.  Students were first asked to create a list of steps to move their peer from one side of the room to the other by avoiding obstacles. The list of steps included:

Move one square right

Move one square left

Move one square up

Move one square down.

Once they completed writing out the algorithm, it was clear that it was a time consuming, long list of directions.  Students then learned that they could revise their algorithm by coding each directive into a program that machines could read by using symbols.

Next, students formed partnerships, where they were given a series of patterns on graph paper.  They were each asked to choose a pattern, without letting their partner know, and were asked to write a program, using the same directives and coding symbols they learned.  Partners then exchanged programs and recreated the patterns without seeing it, relying solely on the code given, hence, creating and using their own Automatic Realization Machines (ARM).  

Here are a few pictures of our programmers in action:

Next week our class will be working on code.org, using all that they have learned, to fulfill their first hour of code.  More information can be here: https://code.org/learn