4-233 CS4ALL-Hour of Code

Class 4-233 participated in their first online coding event on Friday, applying all that they have learned about sequences, code, looping, and debugging by creating simple sequences using “Blockly” for the game Angry Birds.

Students were provided usernames and passwords which allows them to access content on the Code.org website.  They learned that the coding interface being used was broken into 3 parts-maze and command space, toolbox, and work space.  The maze and command space served as a visual tool to help students plan out what their sequence should be-should they move the bird forward, backwards, etc. to catch the pig.  The toolbox provides students with blocks (blockly format) which could be used to provide a look, sound, or movement.  The work space is used to structure the sequence in which the bird would move to catch the pig by connecting blocks from the toolbox together.

Image result for code.org maze sequence angry bird

Initially, the mazes were simple to solve, only having the bird move forward but as the puzzles progressed, they became a little more demanding which left our students going back to their original sequence to debug and problem solve, all while showing amazing persistence and determination.

Our 4th graders have been engaged and absolutely loving all of the content we have been able to teach them through the CS4ALL initiative.  We’re feeling extremely fortunate to have been selected as one of the first classes to pilot the program.  We cannot wait to see where this journey leads us.

Next week, we will be working on completing drawings on code.org by using different commands.

All Our Best,

Mrs. Esposito & Ms. Volpe