4-233 Peer Led Reading Groups

In class 4-233, our readers have been identifying and setting goals using learning progressions which shows them reading moves they need to make in order to be on a 4th grade reading level.

We are providing time for our students to share what they know with peers in our class by having them lead their own small groups with teacher assistance.

Yesterday, Sebastian Garcia was our first student teacher.  Mr. Sebastian crafted a chart about how to identify character traits when reading, and helped push his group to identify that characters are complex and can have more than one trait.  Mr. Sebastian modeled this work using a familiar mentor text,” Oliver Button is a Sissy” and showed his group how to use a prompt to help devise their ideas.  He then did a quick read aloud of the book “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein,and had his group, talk out the traits they were noticing and jot them in their notebook.  We are very proud of Sebastian for the hard work he put into planning and executing his group as well as his bravery!  We’re looking forward to continue learning from each other in the coming months by giving each student the same opportunity to teach a strategy they feel strong in.

All Our Best,

Mrs. Esposito and Ms. Volpe