October Tribes Bulletin Board

Each month at TAOTS we will focus on one of the Tribes Agreements as the theme of the month school-wide and for the Tribes Bulletin Board.

Third grade did the Tribes Bulletin Board focusing on the agreement Mutual Respect.  October is Bullying Prevention month and they incorporated this Tribes agreement by showing ways they can prevent bullying by showing Mutual Respect.

The students were asked the Essential Question:  How can I use what I know about Mutual Respect to teach and persuade others to prevent bullying in our school?  They also read a story called “Say Something” and watched a video about bullying.  They thought about how they could avoid or prevent bullying from happening but thinking about the Tribes Agreement:  Mutual Respect.  They also wrote a script and acted our ways to help one another in a Public Service announcement that was shared with all of the TAOTS classes.  The students used what they learned about persuasive letter writing to write letters to students of TAOTS to remind them how important it is to show Mutual Respect to one another.