November Tribes Bulletin Board

Fourth grade did the Tribes Bulletin Board for the month of November.  The fourth graders zoomed in on the Tribes Agreement:  Appreciations, No Put Downs, by thinking about what that looks, feels and sounds like.  Wielding their knowledge, students then jumped into the story, “Thank You Mr. Falker,” by Patricia Polacco to help rescue the main character, Trisha, from the bullying and teasing she endured, by inserting themselves into her most valuable moments.

Students composed a five paragraph essay which included an introduction that highlighted how Trisha’s school is not a TRIBES school.  Students then composed three body paragraphs that identified three different times when Trisha was feeling unsuccessful and explained how they would use the agreement,  “Appreciations, No Put Downs” to make her feel included and valued.  Students then concluded their essays by explaining why following the Tribe Agreements is essential to the school community.