What do you do with an idea? TAOTS present at National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Conference

TAOTS is a school that strives to cultivate and grows ideas aimed at tapping into students’ interests in order to cultivate their talents.  The end result we strive for is GREATNESS for ALL students.

In November 2016, a team of representatives from TAOTS travelled to Orlando, Florida to the National Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Conference to share their secrets of success with practical and “step by step” suggestions for implementation of their best practices.

Principal Josephine Sportella Giusto, Sandro Grancaric, Nicole Devivo, Stacy Butsikares, Kimberly Welcome and Christine Ramsay collaborated on a presentation using the slideshow and videos below, to highlight how the Schoolwide Enrichment Model and Enrichment Clusters have grown from ideas into a system for fostering success for all TAOTS students.

Supporting Media:

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