Writing, Book Clubs and SO Much More!

Writing: Persuasive Reviews

We started off the new year with our writing unit Persuasive Reviews, where students were taught to compare items in their collection and then decided which one was the BEST and give reasons to support their choice. Currently, our writers are in the process of writing reviews of things they have experience in such as places, toys, books, movies ,etc. This unit is aimed at teaching students to state their opinions and provide reasons and examples to make their opinions more persuasive!

Reading: Getting to Know Characters by Performing Their Books

EXCITING NEWS! Our reader have started book clubs and they are awesome! Check out these first graders studying their book club character, looking closely at their thoughts, feelings and actions and then performing those characters  with their club members!



Social Studies: Now and Long Ago Toys!

Our historians have been studying things in our society change over time. Throughout the unit, we have studied transportation, school, technology and leisure. 215 explored toys from long ago such as “Nine-Pins”, Etch-skecth, Ball-in-Cup, Jacks and Jacob’s Ladders. They had a BLAST!

Our Community Walking Trip:

As we launch our new unit in social studies, students took a walk around our schools community to observe the different stores, street signs, buildings, etc that makes up our community. IMG_2924.jpg