Science Lab Newsletter (3-5)

Science Lab News

September-October 2018

Dear Families,

Welcome to a new school year! Here is our first Science Lab Newsletter, outlining the units for third grade through fifth grade. Our newsletters will outline the units that each grade is currently studying in the lab. There are four units for each grade across the school year.


Ms. Henricksen and Mrs. Burke


Third Grade To begin the year our third graders will be extending their knowledge of forces and motion by learning about simple machines. The students will think about real world problems and find solutions by using simple machines to help us in our daily lives. They will perform experiments to calculate how much force is being exerted without a simple machine, and with a simple machine. Finally, they will construct an argument to prove the benefits of using simple machines in our daily lives.
Fourth Grade Our fourth graders are exploring ecosystems by building their own in the lab, as part of our first unit on how Animals and Plants interact in their environment! We first conduct a soil study, and then we begin to build class terrariums, to explore the various components of ecosystems. We will then have our own living food chains to help us to understand how producers, and various types of consumers (and decomposers) depend on one another for food energy. They will use that knowledge to develop a model of a food chain and how it works.
Fifth Grade The fifth graders will begin a brand new unit called, “Stars and the Solar System” They will begin by testing out the gravitational force of Earth and explaining how gravity keeps all of the planets in our Solar System in orbit around the Sun. Students will take notice of patterns in our sky including the Sun’s path, changing of seasons, and moon phases, to name a few. They will use their observations to represent data in graphs, construct arguments, and debate with classmates.