TAOTS is Very Proud To Announce Our December Scholars & Citizens of the Month!

IK333 Michael O. John R.
K139 Luca T. Aylin R.
K122 Susanna R. Keith W.
K126 Matthew F. Sophia W.
1-208 Ryan L. Judah M.
1-215 Giogio C. Evan L.
1-217 Emily K. & Isabella C. Zoey L. & Wilson Z.
2-210 Abiha T. Ethan H.
2-212 Malena D. Isaac R.
2-219 Natalia K. Diyorjon N.
3-218 Lily L. Leanna F.
3-222 Zineb B. & Matteo C. Natalie S.
3-231 Christian V. Victoria O.
4-224 Ivana A. Tess S.
4-233 Sabrina T. Nicola R.
4-226 Eden K. Harrison G.
5-235 Rebekah M. Adrian R.
5-237 Michelle P. Paul E.
5-239 Star R. Adrian P.

We are proud of all of you!  Keep up the great work!