Welcome to the Fun Zone of Learning – Physical Education! April- May 2019

Dear Families,

Wearing the proper shoes is very important in all sports and nearly every sport requires a specific shoe. For example, basketball players need extra ankle support for all of the lateral movements, and runners need extra cushioning for shock absorption. It is important to have a sport shoe if you participate in a physical activity.

Below are some of the units we’ll study during March and April. Have fun discussing them with your children. Our goal is to value physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression, and/or social interaction. Some examples of activities that build these skills include demonstrations, communication, partner work, and group discussions.

Kindergarten In kindergarten, we continue to work toward achieving the objective of our current unit. The objective is to provide students with an opportunity to refine skills such as throwing, tossing, catching, kicking, and rolling that are the prerequisites for many team sports. We also incorporate the use of the fitness gram components into the above stated activities to further improve their cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility.

1st GradeIn April, we’ll continue to work on previously developed skills that include throwing, tossing, catching, kicking, and rolling that are prerequisites for many team sports.  We incorporate the use of team sport (soccer, basketball and volleyball) components into relay race activities, obstacle course activities and teamwork building games to further improve students’ cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. Children will participate in yoga and endurance exercises that foster flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and body composition.

2nd – 3rd Grade Students in 2nd and 3rd grades should concentrate on the skills needed to learn the basic fundamentals of soccer, basketball and volleyball games. The emphasis at this level should be on having fun, as opposed to competition. The students will focus on gaining or improving individual skill development.  Basic techniques will be taught and drilled. Concepts of team play will be introduced too. The students will learn the proper way to perform exercises that improve their strength, muscular, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility.

4th –  5th  Grade Our soccer, basketball and volleyball curriculum is designed to develop solid core soccer, basketball and volleyball fundamentals. Students will develop fundamental offensive and defensive skills, which will ultimately build up to progressions of team play and systems as well, and it has a detailed analysis to meet players’ goals and a structured course based on age, ability and skill level. The students’ performance will be monitored to ensure effectiveness. In addition to the ball skills involved with both sports, the fitness-related components that need to be considered are muscular strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, power and speed. Particular attention needs to be paid to jumping and landing.

Fitness Tips of the Month

Soccer is FUN!

During the months of March and April we are continue to work on improving endurance by participating in running with Mighty Millers Program. We have had many students running the mile while others are setting their goals to achieve that mile run. This is a great workout for the students trying to improve their cardio-vascular system.

I usually recommend soccer to the parents because it can be a fun lifelong sport for both kids and adults. Playing soccer is also a great way for your athlete to maintain a healthy weight, giving kids the tools they need to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight to fight against childhood obesity. Some other reasons to play soccer are it helps develop friendships on and off the field, teaches teamwork, discipline, and playing the sport fair. Soccer also creates the opportunity for players to make a habit of being active throughout their lives.

Have a Great Workout!

Some healthy snacks: Fruit smoothie, carrot sticks, apple, reduced – fat cheese, whole grain crackers, and yogurt!

*Please have your child wear comfortable clothes and sneakers in the GYM!

Truly Yours,

Mrs. Glotova