TAOTS is Very Proud To Announce Our September Scholars & Citizens of the Month!

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IK 333 Jameson T. Lucy R.
K139 Viviana L. Connor Z.
K122 Amiel V. Saul G.
K126 Maya E. Grant G.
1-208 Michael B. Sepphora M.
1-215 Bella C. Olivia H.
1-217 Ariel R. Wesley W.
2-210 Zander L. Arielle M.
2-212 Zavier L. Jennifer R.
2-219 Cabe S. Afruza R.
3-218 Rose G. Sam L.
3-222 Connie M. Abiha T.
3-231 Eric B. Abby D.
4-224 Chloe L. Adriano G.
4-233 Sara A. Michael D.
4-226 Elijah F. Kyrone C.
5-235 Jo Jo V. Kayla G.
5-237 Juliette T. Zhanna A.
5-239 Aleksandr M. Kathreine F.

We are proud of all of you!  Keep up the great work!1233832860_congratulations0pi2_answer_1_xlarge