Friday, April 3, 2020 Getting Ready for Week 3 of Remote Learning Family Letter

Dear TAOTS Families,        

   As we conclude week two of remote learning I would like take to this opportunity to check in with all of you. In addition, I would like to thank you for your patience and support as we try daily to improve our remote learning practices.    

      I am thinking of each of you (my TAOTS students and families) and hoping that you and your loved ones are feeling healthy and staying safe during these uncertain times.  On behalf of our team, I would like to reiterate that we are here for you and your children every step of the way and will do whatever we can to assist you and your individual family needs.  I have been in communication with many of you and love getting your emails and feedback. We encourage that you continue to reach out to us regarding extenuating circumstances related to your individual families. I am optimistic that together as a collaborative school community we will continue to support our students and families and get through these challenging times.    

      As we move into week 3, we have taken parent and teacher feedback and have made certain adjustments to continue to transition smoothly into Remote Learning at TAOTS to meet the needs of our students and families:

  • For K-2 family support, reach out to our Community Coordinator, Mr. Destin DeFeo at  and 3-5 family support, reach out to our Parent Coordinator  Ms. Appelbaum 
  • Each grade and specialty class has an attendance monitor from our TAOTS staff that will do daily outreach to students that are absent
  • Tribes, with Ms. Dragisics, Ms. Konstan, and Ms. Kasimov will be offered each Wednesday according to your child’s specific grade break schedule
  • All staff TAOTS emails are available on our website and have been emailed to you for easy access to reach any staff member  

  Remote Learning will continue to mirror the regular school schedule with shorter periods. Each period is about 25 minutes and once all classes have ended at 12:20 p.m., students will work independently on class assignments and activities on their own time. We strongly recommend that students eat lunch and then complete any assignments they have by 2:50 p.m. Students will be directed to attend the Specialty Class that they have each day of the week following their regular schedule.  

Here are some important reminders and student/family expectations for  Remote Learning:

  • Student attendance will be taken daily
  • Students are expected to follow the Remote Learning Student Schedule, which means that all TAOTS students are to be ready for instruction by 8:50 am 
  • Your child is expected to follow teacher directions and display appropriate behavior by following the Tribes Agreements throughout the Remote Learning Day 
  • Your child is required to listen to the mini lesson that the teacher is providing 
  • Continue to communicate with your child’s classroom teacher or our Parent Coordinator regarding any issues you may have with remote learning
  • There will be daily Parent Communication time available to parents  from 2:00pm – 2:50pm 
TimeWeek 3 Daily  Remote Learning Student Schedule
8:50- 9:00Students log on to Google Classroom for classroom instructions

Wednesdayis Tribes Dayduring period 4&5
Remote Learning Daily Instruction Students will participate in lessons and activities prepared by the teachers following their regular daily schedule:During  prep periods, students will be directed to join the specialty class of the day.  Period 1: 9:00-9:25 Period 2: 9:25-9:50 Period 3: 9:50-10:15 Period 4: 10:15-10:40 (All students in K-2 Break Time) Wed. Tribes Day Period 5: 10:40-11:05 (All students 3-5 Break Time) Wed. Tribes Day Period 6: 11:05- 11:30 Period 7: 11:30-11:55 Period 8: 11:55- 12:20
12:20 -1:00

Student Lunch Time 
Student:  Daily Independent Work Time. Students will complete the following: 1. Independent Reading & task of the day2. Writing- task of the day3. Math- task of the day4. Specialty- 1 specialty task per day as per the daily flow of the day
Parent/Student Communication Time for parents & teachers to communicate