Spring Remote Learning – April 9th – April 17th, 2020

Dear TAOTS Families: 

I want to take the time to wish everyone and their loved ones optimal health during this unique Holiday Spring Season.  As stated in my previous correspondence, in response to our current public health crisis, Chancellor Carranza has decided that remote instruction will continue during weekdays originally scheduled for Spring Break (April 9- April 17). We have been thoughtful in putting together a variety of enriching learning  opportunities that are suitable for our TAOTS students. During these days, April 9 – April 17, students will not follow the Remote Learning schedule, instead students will be able to work at their leisure throughout the upcoming days.  

STUDENT ATTENDANCE/TRACKING STUDENT INTERACTIONS:  Daily attendance will be taken by classroom teachers during April 9-17 as students are expected to sign in daily onto their Google Classroom page. Please communicate any circumstances with teachers and/or staff that impact student participation and engagement, during these days (ie.- observation of religious holiday or parent work/health related issues). Please continue to email admin@taots.org to report your child’s absence.

Students will fill out the daily “FEELINGS” Attendance Form that will be posted daily by your child’s classroom teacher on their Google Classroom page. Again if this poses a hardship of any kind to families, please communicate your issue with your classroom teachers, and/or for K-2 families Mr. Defeo ddefeo@taots.org or for 3-5 families Ms.Appelbaum mappelbaum@taots.org

We will continue to support each and every one of our students and families during Spring Remote Learning (April 9-17). 

DAILY ACTIVITIES (K-5): The daily activities that we have put together will offer students and their families the flexibility and choice to reinforce literacy and math skills throughout Spring Remote Learning.  These daily activities will be posted on your child’s Google Classroom page. 

(Activities for IK with Ms. Fanning will be modified for her class)

  • I-Ready Reading (teachers provide link or code)
  • I-Ready Math (teachers provide link or code)
  • Raz Kids Reading (teachers provide link or code)

OPTIONAL DOE ACTIVITIES: In addition, students will also be able to participate in their choice of the following optional, fun and exciting topics and “theme” based activities provided by the NYCDOE:   



PRINCIPAL, APs AND ADMIN STAFF:  Principal, APs and Admin. Staff will be supervising & monitoring all aspects of Remote Instruction and Learning as per the directives, rules and regulations of D20 and the NYCDOE mandates and regulations. 

TEACHER & PARAS: Teachers and Paras will be available daily to offer support and guidance to students and families during their designated work time with the activities that have been offered. 

Teachers will post the Spring Remote Teaching slides each day to their Google Classroom page.  Teachers will be monitoring student engagement & attendance and continue to do outreach to families who have not signed in or have not been in communication with. 

SPECIALTY & CLUSTER: Specialty and Cluster teachers wIll provide daily support to students and families throughout their designated work time.  Students may choose to visit specialty pages and go back and continue with an unfinished assignment.  

SERVICE PROVIDERS:  All service providers will provide support to students and families throughout their designated work times. Service Providers will conduct additional outreach to families and students as needed. Families and students are welcome to reach out to their Service Provider(s) as needed.

The following 5 slides below will be posted daily by teachers daily on your child’s Google Classroom page.  Students will complete the daily attendance form found daily on their Google Classroom page.