** Important Update From Your Specialty Teachers!! **

We sincerely hope that all of you and your loved ones are holding up well during this extraordinarily difficult time in all of our lives.

     This letter is to reach out to you all, and to remind you that we, as TAOTS’ Specialty team, are here for all of you. We understand that much of this shift to remote learning has been quite challenging for many, and we hope that as time passes it is becoming more manageable.

     As part of our school’s remote learning program, all of our Specialty classes have a classroom for each grade K-5. We are hopeful that soon all of our students will be able to access this classroom and participate in our Specialty Classes. The team of Specialty teachers are available to support students throughout their school day, both during their designated class period, and during their student independent work time from 1:10-2:50.

Attendance for specialty classes is being taken and monitored to account for student participation.  We will begin each class with an attendance question.  Please make sure your child answers the question when they log into each specialty class.  If your child is unable to login to their designated specialty class of the day, please reach out to the specialty teachers.

To access the Specialty class for the day and period:

1.Students must enter the Specialty Classroom and click on the Classwork tab on top of the page.

2. Then, on the left side of the screen you will be able to select the Specialty that you have during this time. (Art, Music, Technology, Gym or Science Lab)

3. Finally, you should be able to see the class title, along with the date, class’ lessons, and assignments posted there.

4. Students can also communicate with teachers by typing in the designated area under class comments.

All Specialty team teachers can also be reached by email. We hope that families will continue to reach out to us to let us know about particular challenges that they are experiencing. We wish all of you good health and safety, and much peace.

TAOTS Specialty Teachers