Setting Up Your Student Account

All Students : Remote & Blended Must Have an Account  

Attention TAOTS Parents / Guardians, 

As you may have heard, there is a project underway to adopt the single DOE log-in for all students called Identity4All. This account will access everything they need for their entire journey in the NYCDOE including Zoom, TeachHub, Office 365, G-Suite, report cards and more.  The NYC DOE account is a unique online environment supporting a single login to Microsoft, Google, Zoom and more. All students in NYC public schools already have accounts created in this centralized location. By giving every student one NYC DOE account, they will be able to carry their work with them throughout their educational experience in NYC–Identity4All.

This login and account is separate from NYCSA , however it is still recommended to use and know your login credentials for your NYCSA as well.

As part of this transition, students will now use their login instead of for all school/NYCDOE purposes. Visit to retrieve your login credentials. You will be asked to enter your student OSIS # and DOB to confirm your identity.  Your OSIS # can be retrieved from your report card or from your NYCSA – .

Students will be receiving invitations to join their Google Classrooms in the coming days. Visit for instructions on how to sign into Classroom and other Google Apps. After you retrieve your login credentials, try signing into Google Classroom to make sure your account is working.Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.  Please contact Mr. Aleksey Dikusar : or call : 718-621-2730 ext . 2150