According to the latest shared from the NYC DOE, THIS WILL BE THE ONLY OPT-IN WINDOW for families this school year, through the last day in June of the 2020-2021 school year. We previously communicated as per the NYC DOE guidance that their would be multiple opportunities to opt in to blended learning through the year . However, this is no longer the case as per the NYC DOE. As a result, it is imperative that families give serious thought to your decision at this time. Opt-In to In-Person Learning: The NYC DOE has reported that Monday, November 2nd – Sunday, November 15th is the Opt-In Period, for Blended Learning.

  • Student who are currently in the Blended Learning Program may still opt for fully remote learning at anytime.
  • If you DO NOT want to change your child’s program, there is no action needed. You do not need to complete the survey.
  • Families requesting to change from 100% remote to blended learning should complete and submit the NYC DOE Learning Preference Survey survey during this window. If you complete this survey prior to November 2, 2020 wanting 100% Remote learning, the change will go into effect immediately. Kindly wait until November 2 to make your decision.  
  • Schools will be able to review individual students’ updated learning preference on a rolling basis during this window.
  • This will be the ONLY OPT-IN window for families this school year, through the last day of the 2020-2021 school year.

The week of November 30th and December 7th is when students who Opted-Back-In may start attending school within their assigned group. Please understand that we will make every effort to keep your children with their current Cohort/Teachers. However, we can’t make any guarantees that this will be possible due many factor. Please check and use the NYC DOE Learning Preference Portal, which should activate the ability to Opt-In starting Monday, November 2nd.

The Blended Learning Opt-In Period is Monday, 11/2/20 to Sunday 11/15/20.We want to provide information and resources that may help families come to a decision about whether their children should attend school remotely or in a blended learning model.