Yesterday’s Events 1/6/21

January 7, 2021

Dear TAOTS Community, 

 As I reflect on yesterday’s events I am appalled and shocked at what I witnessed from my TV. The violence, the lawlessness and siege that occured on Capitol Hill yesterday was shameful.  I did not witness peaceful protests but instead a domestic terrorist attack on our nation’s capital. The lack of respect and deep rooted hatred for our government, members of congress and our democracy was evident as mobs of violent rioters attacked our nation’s capital. I was horrified and in disbelief at the images displayed on my screen and the rhetoric that was being chanted by the rioters. 

As the Principal of The Academy of Talented Scholars I am deeply saddened that our students have witnessed this violent assault on people, property, the rule of law and on our democracy itself. Part of the election process and our civic duty as citizens of this country is to support the peaceful transfer of power. 

Therefore, as a school community we will continue to educate and support our children, preparing them to contribute to their communities and country. In the days to come, by working together with our school’s Guidance Counselor, Ms. Konstan, we will continue to provide valuable resources to facilitate class discussions about these events.  Teachers have been given the following resources, Here is a link, to properly guide their instruction.  We must continue to teach our students what it means to be an essential member of a functioning healthy democracy. 

I end by stating that I stand together with you, my staff, families and our most precious individuals, our students.