3/17/21 “Rise of Asian American Hate-Crimes”

Dear TAOTS Community, 

At TAOTS we pride ourselves for being a diverse community of educators and families that together are continuously working on creating a nurturing and loving environment for our students.  

That being said I feel the need to reach out to you regarding the recent rise of violence and discrimination against Asian Americans across our country. At TAOTS we work with and serve a large percentage of Asians whom I care, value and love very much. Unfortunately since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic our Asian community across the country continues to be targeted. What is happening across our country is appalling, and  disturbing. At TAOTS we will not tolerate any type of discriminatory behavior against anyone.  I feel extremely sad and disgusted at the hatred that continues to plague our society. 

  Let’s continue to teach our children to be loving and kind individuals, ones that will advocate against all kinds of discrimination. It is our job as a school community to stand united in solidarity against hate-crimes affecting Asian American individuals, it’s wrong, it’s un-American, it’s against the law, and it must stop.  

As a school community, we continue to dedicate ourselves to ending all racism and discrimination of any kind.