Student Podcast: Pajama Drive donation in partnership with the Pajama Program and Scholastic

pajama drive podcast

Every Child has the right to wear fresh, clean pajamas to bed and to enjoy a bedtime story that fires their imagination. 

-TAOTS 5th Grade
pajama drive podcast

This fundraiser is being sponsored by the 5th grade and being supported by the Student Council. Students made the following podcast to inspire the community to donate pajamas!


TAOTS Families: Please send in a brand new pair of pajamas to your child’s class from now until December 17th. 

For each pair of pajamas, Scholastic will donate a new book to the pajama program.

The Pajama Program will work with local Community Partners to bring Good Nights for Good Days to children who need them most, with pajamas from you and a book from Scholastic – a great bedtime pair!

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