Classic Videos

“(When I watch the documentary on our school) …even though I go to this school, I WANT TO GO! I WANT TO GO!” – 5th grader, Highlights Video 2013-2016
“it’s wonderful to see them (students in enrichment clusters) find their strengths and share their strengths with one another” – Teacher, 2016 Enrichment Clusters Video
“I love about art that you can use different colors, and you can also mix them to make more, nicer colors.” – Kindergartener 2017
“(Principal Sportella) does everything so we would be happy.” – 5th grader, 2016 Principal Appreciation Video
“It’s a treat to have a principal who puts together a staff of people that feel so nurtured…  mapping out places that we flourish and supporting us.” -Teacher, 2015 Josephine Sportella’s Testimonials Video

Graduation videos