Preparing Informational Video Essays to 2nd Graders

5th graders have been researching nutrition in response to questions asked by 2nd graders.  They will make informational video essays to respond to the questions.  These videos below were made by each class as a way for the students to learn iMovie on the iPads in preparation for the video productions they will do in small groups to inform the 2nd graders.

Their next step is to create their informational scripts, and decide what images will help them engage and teach the 2nd graders.  The storyboard below is a model to demonstrate to student groups how to attach images to information in a way that is appropriate for 2nd graders, and will help them understand the issues.

Screen Shot 2016-12-20 at 2.21.31 PM.png

Changes to email notifications from our website

Hi parents!

Those of you who subscribe to the latest Posts from our WordPress website may have noticed that recently you are receiving update emails from teachers across grade levels regarding week-to-week activities in their classes in addition to the normal posts from the office and specialty teachers.

This is due to our recent decision to incorporate all classroom-level posts IK-5 within to create more consistency from grade-to-grade, and bring more dynamic content to our site!  We realize this may be more information than every parent would like to receive in their inbox, and we are currently working on solutions to allow email subscription to only the Post Categories that are most relevant to you (i.e. your children’s class posts, and schoolwide news).

We are aiming to have this in place by the first Parent-Teacher Conferences November 3rd.  Thank you for your patience!