Student Music Video: Be the Change – 5th Grade PJ Drive

Why they made it

Each 5th grade class contributed a short video with the goal of inspiring more folks to take small actions to make the world a better place.

How they made it

After watching examples of social action videos, students came up with ideas for videos, searched for and chose the images, selected specific parts of the songs, found the quotations, filmed the drive, the skits and the interviews. Then they worked with Mr. Rhys to put them all together using Final Cut Pro video editing software. A few students worked directly on the editing as well.

The video starts with 5-239’s music video, then shows 5-235s interview clips, and finishes off with a video poem by class 5-237.


The #taots #choosekind Campaign Continues…

Student #choosekind ambassadors presented the videos to the 4th grade classes today, and explained how and why they made it in the hopes of inspiring more students to take action to help others!



Original Song: Class 5-239 Appreciates Ms. Konstan

Class 5-239, lead by MC Rathan and produced by DJ Ramsay, recorded this track to honor the kind, soothing leadership of their Guidance Counselor, Ms.  Konstan.

#taots #choosekind

Ms. Kontan.Ms. Konstan we’d like to let you know

We constantly appreciate

The way you always mediate

When situations escalate

You find a way to mitigate

A Champion like a heavyweight

You find a way to set things straight

You know what to anticipate

That’s why we gon commemorate

And last not least congratulate