Announcing the TAOTS Student Council!

The videos below share what the newly formed Student Council is planning featuring every member (with one not present). You can now find posts related to the Student Council under the Classrooms menu on the website.

What is a Student Council?

Operation Agua

How will the Student Council decide how to help the community?

The 2017-2018 Student Council Representatives are:

  • 3-218: Elaina, Matteo
  • 3-222: Joasaphat, Salvatore
  • 3-231: Zoe, Michael
  • 4-233: Natalie, Suheill
  • 4-224: Yara, Albert
  • 4-226: Bleona, Mia
  • 5-235: Justin, Gabrielle
  • 5-237: Jaysen, Julia
  • 5-239: Jayda, Geoffrey