Join TAOTS for a Tribes Family Mixer !

Tribes Family Mixer

When: Thursday, October 19, 2017

Time: 6pm (PTO Meeting to follow)

    Where: Library

You will get an opportunity to engage in the same activities that are used in your children’s classrooms and school wide.  This workshop will help strengthen the home school connection by enabling our families to reinforce the Tribes Learning Communities Program at home.

You will also get to meet our Tribes Leaders/ TAOTS Teachers who have received an intensive Tribes Training this summer and will help to deepen the Tribes work that we are doing at TAOTS.

We look forward to engaging with you as a TAOTS Tribe! tribes holding hands

Karen Konstan

Guidance Counselor/Tribes Leader Facilitator

June Tribes Bulletin Board

The Tribes Agreement for the Month of June is “Personal Best.”  Students at TAOTS reflected on their achievements this year and wrote about how they showed their personal best.  The Tribes Committee chose “Personal Best” as the closing agreement for the school year so students could reflect upon and highlight their achievements as well as think about goals to set for the upcoming school year.  Students from all grades are represented on the Bulletin Board.

May Tribes Bulletin Board

The Tribes Bulletin Board for May was done by the second grade.  Their focus was the Tribes Agreement: “Mutual Respect.”

The students discussed the definition of mutual respect and they each chose a scenario and responded with an informative explanation of how they would show mutual respect in the moment.  Students were instructed to explain in detail what mutual respect in the moment would look like and sound like.  The students also had a discussion about why mutual respect is important.