Students in class 5-235, 5-237 and 5-239 learned about the Stone Age era and Lascaux cave paintings. We started off using various wooden tools to carve out images that were in caves on hardened clay. We learned about the importance of cave paintings through the Neolithic stage and how they created the artwork. As a class we observed the earthy colors that were used and what kind stories were portrayed in the caves. Students worked as a team through group work showing their narration of people communicating through story telling. Students used inspiration through understanding the culture and history of cave paintings in their own work displaying animals, people, tools and evidence. At the end of the class students critiqued each others work by hypothesizing their stories through visual arts and history.


Art Newsletter March

Original Works Art Fundraiser

K – 5 will be participating in an Arts fundraiser provided by Original Works. In the month of March the students have been creating their own work of art, which will soon be placed online to purchase with any product. The proceeds will be going towards the TAOTS Art Program for next year. Listed below are what the grades have been working on.

K & 1st Grade: The students are working on cityscapes inspired by Brooklyn and New York City. They are creating their own collages by using cutting and gluing techniques.

2nd Grade: The students are creating their own lighthouse seascape and will be using watercolors and drawing techniques.

3rd Grade: The students are inventing their own castle inspired by the abstract expressionistic artist Paul Klee. Their castles are incorporating cool, warm, secondary and primary colors. They added wax resist techniques using crayons and watercolor.

4th Grade: The students are creating their own city scape using printmaking techniques. They used styrofoam as their plate and engraved their own design. They then printed their design on a watercolor background.

5th Grade: The students learned about India and the significance of the Banyan tree in their culture. The students also learned color theory techniques and new art vocabulary such as; analogous, tertiary, and complimentary colors. They created a silhouetted tree against a color palette of their choice by using oil pastels.

Link: OriginalWorks

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Art Newsletter February

Kindergarten & 1st Grade:

The students read the story “The Shape of My Heart” by Mark Sperring. Inspired by the images and text from the book, they created their own artwork by using various techniques such as; decoupage, cutting, and blending oil pastels. The students were able to experiment with these techniques and design their own hearts, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

2nd Grade:

The 2nd graders learned about the pop artist Jim Dine and viewed many of his brightly colored works of art. The students were inspired by his piece titled “Four Hearts”. First, they drew their heart with sharpie. The next step was to use a ruler to divided the paper into various shapes. Lastly the students added patterns and color to really make their hearts Pop! The students’ interpretation of Jim Dine’s hearts came out fabulous!

3rd Grade:

The 3rd graders created a Valentine using symmetry and values and tints. They explored how many colors they could make with red, white and purple. Mixing the colors, they realized you could create many different values of one color by adding white.

4th Grade:

The 4th graders learned about the Brazilian Pop Artist Romero Britto. They watched a video about the artist and discussed how they felt about his work. The students learned that Britto is currently living in New York City and that he recently released a luggage collection with his artwork printed on various suitcases. His luggage collection is available and can be purchased at JFK International Airport and at Macy’s Department Stores. As an artist in today’s society, this is a great way to get exposure. In addition, the students are also able to see how being an artist could possibly be a long term career choice for them. Inspired by Romero Britto’s artwork titled “A New Day”, the students then used sharpies and brightly colored markers to create their own Pop Art.

5th Grade:

The 5th graders learned about the Pop Artist Burton Morris. They analyzed and interpreted some of his work. They created their own collaged inspired by the artist. Using symmetry and cutting techniques they were able to cut a perfect heart. Burton Morris’s work is also found in NYC at Dylan’s Candy Bar and in the background of many famous TV sitcoms sets such as Friends.