Movement/Brain Breaks!

movement break

This month’s strategy is movement break cards! Sometimes our brains just need a little break or our bodies have too much or too little energy. Teachers use these cards to help students stay on track during lessons by taking a short five minute brain break. Students enjoy doing the fun exercises during brain breaks and are able to get their mind and body back on task.

ASD Nest Strategy: Priming

pic priming

Priming- Priming is a very important strategy to prepare a child in advance for a new activity, strategy, or even a change in plans. Students on the Autism Spectrum often have a hard time dealing with changes or new situations, so it is important to let them know ahead of time what they can expect in the future. Priming helps prevent a “melt down” from occurring.  Teachers in the ASD Nest Program prime their students ahead of time to prepare their whole class or small group of any new situations that may arise.


October’s Strategy


This month’s strategy is the 5 point voice scale that is used in all classrooms.  It is used as a visual reminder to show students the appropriate voice level.

Each level represents the volume students should use during certain times of the day. For example: level 1 voice is no talking- during individual work or on the rug, level 2 is whispering-during partner/group work, level 3 is an inside/classroom voice- during classroom participation, level 4 is an outside voice-during recess in the playground, level 5 is an emergency voice.

Below is a picture of the voice scale that is displayed in our classrooms for our students to refer to when needed. This may be helpful to implement this strategy at home to reinforce the expectations of their voice level during certain settings.

5 Point Voice Scale