September Digital Media Literacy Newsletter

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Dear Parents/Family Members,
Welcome back to a new school year! My name is Mrs. Rathan and I am proud to be TAOTS first Digital Literacy Specialist. As digital literacy specialist, I will be guiding your child through the use of multi-media and applications to enhance their learning. I will be meeting with your child once a week in which they will be learning technology skills through the lens of literacy.
With the demands of the 21st century and the constant evolution of technology I am looking forward to turning your child into an upstanding digital citizen. Feel free to reach out to me with any of your questions or concerns at

Educationally Yours,

Mrs. Rathan

Grade IK – 2.

Unit 1: What is the Internet? And why do we use it?

The first unit of study will help students understand that technology is a form of communication and it allows them to explore new exciting things. They will be learning about the Internet community– what is it and why do we use it. The students will also identify safety rules when traveling online and become responsible users through the use of iPads. The goal is to build students understanding of technology.

Grade 3 – 5.

Unit 1: What is digital media and what does it mean to be a good citizen of an Internet community?

As students grow older their curiosity increases with their age, which means frequently searching the web. The first unit of study will focus on Internet safety, which includes logging in/out of accounts, password privacy, appropriate/inappropriate searches online, digital footprininting, public vs. private computers, and cyberbullying. The students will be using Macbook minis throughout the year. The goal is to teach students to become good citizens of an Internet community.