Science Lab Gallery Walk: 4th Grade research projects on the impact of human activities on the environment

For the month of December, as culmination to our study of Unit 1 on Plants and Animals and their interactions within ecosystems, we took a look at many of the environmental issues that result from our human population growth, and the pressures that our activities place on our Earth, its resources and its environments. In Science Lab, groups researched different environmental problems, created presentations and then shared their knowledge with their peers. On Friday, January 6th we viewed all of the projects together in the Lab, to celebrate all of 4th grade’s hard work!


Second Grade Engineers build bridges in Science Lab

In Science Lab,second graders worked in teams as engineers to design bridges that would meet certain criteria. Their bridges must span 6 inches and be 3 inches wide, and they must only use two sheets of paper in their construction. They tested out their designs using stacked pennies on the bridge until it collapsed. they observed and redesigned their bridges to make them stronger.img_5499img_5498img_5497img_5495-1ur