School Leadership Team (SLT)

If you are interested in attending one of our SLT meetings, please contact our Chairperson, Michelle Dragisics and our School Leadership Team at For more information, check out What is a School Leadership Team? from the NYCDOE.

SLT Minutes

SLT Minutes 2021-2022 Link: TAOTS SLT Google Drive Folder

SLT Members

  • Josephine Sportella-Giusto – Principal
  • Michelle Tavormina – Elected Staff
  • Pamela Mullin – Elected Staff
  • Farah Feygis – UFT Representative
  • Nicole Catalano – Elected Staff
  • Alison Parisi – PTO Co-president
  • Anna Len – Elected Parent
  • Lisa Dugan – Elected Parent
  • Steven Saporito – Elected Parent
  • William Lee – Elected Parent