Welcome to the world of Art!  My name is Nicole Costanzo and this year I have the privilege of being your child’s Art teacher. I am so excited to be a part of the TAOTS family for a second year and given the opportunity once again to work with our aspiring young artists.

The students will be learning about the elements of art such as; line, shape, color, form, texture and space and incorporating them into their everyday practice of art. Throughout all of my art lessons I will introduce Art History as a base for your children to learn about and become familiar with the artworks of famous artists like Henri Matisse, Claude Monet`, Jackson Pollock and Wassily Kandinksy, to name a few. I will also be integrating several children’s books by Eric Carle, Peter H. Reynolds, Louis Elhert and Barney Saltzberg and using the books’ illustrations to inspire some of the artwork the students will be creating over the course of the year. To spark the students’ creative spirit, I will be interchanging and blending various artistic techniques, the experimentation of different mediums and their newly acquired knowledge of Art History.

In Art History class, over the course of the year, I will be focusing on many works of art representing the various cultures that they will be studying in their Social Studies Units from their classroom curriculum throughout the school year. The Third Grade will learn about different artworks inspired by certain cultures such as China, Japan, Greece, Africa and Brazil. Fifth graders will be analyzing the expansion of the United States and explore how changes in society have influenced American Art throughout history. Connecting Art and Social Studies Common Core curriculum will help bridge the gap between subject areas and provide ample opportunities for the students to understand and absorb what they are learning by using visual thinking strategies.

Creatively Yours,

Ms. Costanzo