Media literacy provides a framework to access, analyze, evaluate and create messages in a variety of forms — from digital text to web-based multimedia. It builds an understanding of the role of media in society as well as essential skills of inquiry and self-expression necessary for citizens of a 21st century democracy.

Incorporating digital media literacy into our pedagogy at TAOTS is one way we have been preparing our students for the increasingly online and screen-based culture they are living in.  Since our inaugural year we have been working with consultant Rhys Daunic from The Media Spot to integrate media literacy concepts into classroom units of study, and student-driven projects.

In 2014-2015 we added a Media Literacy Cluster in that holds space for digital literacy skill development, productions connected to classroom content, and critical analysis of media texts.

Innovation at TAOTS includes the use of new technologies to improve our access to global experts and information, asynchronous online communication & collaboration between staff, and students, and insure that our students leave TAOTS with the core skills and concepts to enable them to adapt to the latest devices, formats and ways of communicating.