This year we will continue to focus on problem solving strategies.  It is essential that the students are familiar with giving a written explanation for their thinking and to suppport their answers or solutions.

We utilize Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach program during math instruction.  Math in Focus: The Singapore Approach promotes the idea of practicing concepts until mastery is exhibited.  Lessons are content specific, and concepts are taught using concrete skills, eventually leading to abstract thinking.  Students are assessed prior to units and then placed into groups based on needs to review, learn, and/or enrich material.

 In addition, teachers engage our learners in mathematics every morning during math routines, with a program titled, Everyday Counts.  The goal of Everyday Counts is to reinforce and deepen mental math thinking and application.  Strategies are taught and reinforced daily by using the calendar, clock, money, numberlines, graphs, and quick addition and subtraction facts.

In addition we will be utilizing Context for Learning.  Context for Learning is a carefully crafted mathematical program that uses realistic situations to foster a deep conceptual understanding of essential mathematical ideas, strategies, and models through an investigative approach.